How to make a girl laugh

A real man knows when to make a girl laugh and when to keep his jokes to himself. Men understand jokes differently and it may disturb a woman even if you say something in an amusing manner. If you do not want this embarrassing situation to happen to you, find out how to make any girl laugh in a pleasant way.

how to make a girl laugh

They say it’s so easy to make a girlsĀ smile, but many men fail in this regard. It is true that you also need time and availability, not only ideas. Here are some suggestions to help you.

Be funny
Your conversations will be more relaxed if you sprinkle a little joke here and there. A good jest or a funny analogy with a celebrity can do wonders in a stressful situation like a first date or period after reconciliation. Remember though that being funny does not mean you have to have a degree in stand-up comedy. Do not overdo the jokes, because you risk seeming frivolous. Here are some more questions to ask a girl on a date.

Use your body language
Sometimes the body can speak for you. Facial expressions and gestures can help you express yourself better and can illustrate in a funny way what you mean. If you want to make her laugh, you can make funny faces, but as in the first case, do not make it a habit.

Listen to her and be amused by what she says
Letting a woman laugh on her own is the ugliest gesture. When she tells a joke, try to look involved and laugh with her. You will see that your laughter has an effect on hers, meaning that you will give the impression that she told a sensational joke.

No dirty jokes
Obscene jokes are appropriate when you’re with your buddies. When you’re with her, you should not make such jokes, especially not at the expense of women, because she could believe that you can make the same jokes on her account. An amusing anecdote about how you remained naked in front of your colleagues back in elementary school can be more successful, or not!

Tease her
By teasing, women understand those small gestures that lift their morale or through which they are pampered and spoiled. Start a successful day with morning banter. Spoil her, pet her, tickle her and play with her before going to work. Besides laughter, she will also have the energy to cope with a busy day at work.
Smiling is a sign that always betrays a woman’s happiness. Furthermore, every man wants to have a beautiful woman next to him, but above all happy, and that means they have to use all the skills they have that can make her smile!

Use your sense of humor!
Put your sense of humor to work and use simple ways – jokes, gags- to entertain your girlfriend at any time.
Women do not like men who are serious and mature all the time. Introduce humor naturally in usual conversations and situations. Do not strive very hard and do not exaggerate, so it doesn’t become ridiculous.

Be positive and upbeat!
A positive and optimistic man exudes power, safety and a good vibe.

Be playful!
Everyone has an inner childlike side that never dies. From time to time, it should be brought out through various games and innocent pranks that make you both laugh heartily.
From the traditional pillow fights to tickling, they are all perfect opportunities to snatch a few good laughs from the loved one and to entertain yourselves as a couple.

Listen carefully, and laugh along with her!
A woman likes to be carefully listened to by her partner because it shows that he respects and appreciates her.
In addition, she loves to see you’re interested in what she has to say, but mostly that you laugh at her jokes and you consider them amusing. You can make funny talks and jokes out of any simple conversation.
It is advisable to be willing to always see the glass half … funny, even if the situation is not so pink. Your girlfriend loves to see that you always manage to loosen the atmosphere with humor and that you can grin and bear it together!

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